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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Deadly Nightshade & Madeleine

Revamped my TA set & here are some completed parts, sadly haven't got some nice photos of the whole costume, hopefully soon!

"How to DOTA"
Bought leather & shits to make this book but it's going to be too heavy to carry on my waist without extra support

3 years ago default TA & current deadly nightshade set

Was quite happy with overall results :) Appearance for Major All Stars! Thanks to Shaunie boss for making all this happen :D

Group picture with my beloveds^^ (that's DDZ!)

Photos credited to respective photographers, found on Facebook


My jobs kill me all the time, was feeling rather demotivated. Looking forward to a nice dinner & games with friends but had to cancel it for motherfucking 5 hours OT without pay. FTS. Shut down, shut up & carry on. Sometimes i wished i'd stop listening to advices & do things which aren't the best for me. On another note, that was a fun ride, as always. Now forgetting seems easier than usual. Also, not sure if it's good to feel nothing at all. It's the empty, materialistic talks that hurt, reality is a let down. The pictures aren't pretty. It's a nothing kind of feeling. Not talking about my relationship status here. I can't stand people anymore. My sun sign wants to stay down stay low stay good. My rising sign wants to run. Thankful, but just had to hide it, feels too much for me

Current song:
BSB - Madeleine

"Remember when we used to sit and watch from the bridge
And wonder where the ships would go
Who was on and what they would find out
You wrote it in a notebook
And said someday that this would be a story to tell"

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm sorry i lose momentum on blogging

So here's a tutorial on making a really really easy-peasy, simple, non-messy Borderlands, Psycho mask.
I did this for my Tiny Tina cosplay actually. And also sorry for the lack of pictures, was rushing it 1 day before the con, this will be rather descriptive. Developed this myself too without any reference.



1. Get a mask like the one on the left, the material have to be plastic-y because you will need to make cheek dentures.

2. Get PERMANENT markers or sharpies of black (thick and thin), dark brown and silver.

3. See-through semi-transparent blue-coloured glass or plastic paper (Mine are from wrappings of some writing paper)

4. Some thin, usual craft foam from stationery shops.

5. Putty, or silicone if you'd like, or anything that fills and solidifies rather quickly afterwards, heck even wood/ fabric/ white glue can do a good job i guess...

6. Hot glue and scissors


1. Cut those eye holes, nose tip and a hole for the mouth along the red lines.

2. Make dents along the green lines. Research carefully on where to dent it in, because it would leave a permanent mark and difficult to remake them. The hardness of the plastic mask will make it stay for a long time.

So fugly...

3. Cut 2 layers of foam based on the shapes of the "goggles", per eye. Preferably black colour foam. You can add another layer for thickness if you like. I made 3 layers.

4. Cut more foam for the perimeter of the mouth hole, and the little thing inside.

5. Cut blue plastic according to the shape of the "goggles" too. Then glue them up like the below picture and hot glue them onto the eye holes.

6. Turn to the inside and patch up the holes from the nose and mouth using hot glue and foam.

7. Now you can put foam on the front part of the mouth.

8. When you're done with all the foam work, apply putty onto every imperfection caused by the foam, fill up holes around the eyes, nose, mouth areas. Lather over the foam surfaces as well because you will need a surface to apply marker nicely. Smooth them up later with sandpaper if you wish. I did a final touch after the putty layer with white glue by painting them onto the foam surfaces. You need not to do anything to the inside of the mask.

9. Here's the fun part: draw details and colour them with permanent markers, i start with the "goggles".

10. I bought LED lights for the eyes but didn't have time to set up :( You can even install screws for the chin.

*Strips your face*

Good luck all!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fusion Haven @ Sri Petaling

4 out of 5


For the palette design, hospitality and the wonderful stories behind each dish :)

Apparently people who don't like mangoes like me find this Mango Salad SUPERB!

It has a very long name and it has Portobello mushrooms and pork and bread crumbs and spices, this is my personal favourite cause i love mushrooms~

Pork ribs

The people's favourite, Kimchi Rice with Onsen Tamago (Sauna Egg- Japanese term aka mata kerbau)

Charcoal Banana Pizza


Unagi maki with Edamame and Crab sticks

DOME style mushroom soup, as described by the owner~


Melted chocolate cake with vanilla

Caramel pudding with berry jam, I love this a lot! 
It has this bittery burnt sugar taste which gives a coffee-like aroma.

Anyways, I guess this is my first time doing a proper food review (usually Benjamin just drags me along to food reviews which I'm not obliged to write about...), which kinda sucks but that's also why I'm writing a post just for this because the restaurant really gives off a warm and familiar feeling, and furry-friendly too!  Enjoyed listening to the various back stories of each palette, thank you! Pardons on the style, this is how I write my posts nowadays, it only gets lengthy when it's a cosplay tutorial~

More details:
They have the map and everything in there :) Will bring my family there soon for a taste of the Kimchi Rice~

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Carlberg gave us tickets to Where's The Party!

Pre-event media coverage

This is when the korean girls start to DANCE!

Attending a friend's wedding for the first time, them feels...

That's my little kickboxing Anguirus assisting the big bro against Destoroyah~

I am clearly not talented in following instructions closely, instead i made my own version of chinese knots :D

finally i have costumes which i have no idea how to fit into my wardrobe...

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant has some really awesome aquaria display

Alaskan spider crab, and dick clams

Cutest QR ever

Makeup kinda fail, but luckily turns out ok in photos

My One Shop in Summit USJ has ALL the little toys you want

OC project: Forever delayed

met up with doll face kiki at VBG event

Corona Malaysia invited us to the first Sunset event @ Luna Bar^^

we had NERF water blasters!

and i joined the HOT BODY competition with yee ing *shy* everybody wear bikini except me wei~

Final RK shooting with the Kenshingumi is really pleaseant :D

and Tokyo Pastry hosted us for my DW shoot with kiki :3

So here goes from the past month :)


How to make a paper flower

I made this gif file, DO NOT steal it~ hmph!
Daisypath Anniversary tickers